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Pride: Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community

Pride: Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community

June 2020 marks the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. These historical events forever changed the LGBTQ community and ushered in the modern-day gay rights movementAs we take time to reflect; however, it is essential that we acknowledge the significance of this moment in history and how it underscores how far we still have to come as a society today.  

Pride month celebrates the LGBTQ community, honors those harmed or negatively impacted by hate or discrimination and creates opportunities for awareness and shared learning. I want to reiteratewe have a responsibility to the educators that we partner with, to the students that we educate, to the communities that we help, and to each other, to be a force of positive change. 

Edmentum’s core values are centered on love, diversity, and inclusion. Similarly, the rainbow flag and symbol for Pride includes a collection of colors that both reflect the immense diversity and unity of the LGBTQ community. As we continue to reflect on the deeper meaning of these colors, we also outwardly share them in our logo this month across all of Edmentum’s social channels as a sign of unity, support, and respect.  

Edmentum Pride Logo

It is also our responsibility to listen, learn, teach, and improve ourselves—in the spirit of real, sustained change. Edmentum stands with our colleagues, friends, family members, and communities to support equality throughout this country. Living these values every day and supporting our teams includes taking the time to carefully form a Diversity and Inclusion Council and employee resource groups – so that we can learn and grow as an organization while also celebrating and recognizing our Edmentum team all year long. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing educational resources and celebrating Pride on the Edmentum blog and social channels. Join us in celebrating the LGBTQ community and sharing ways in which you are teaching students about inclusivity and to celebrate diversity and culture using the hashtag #EdmentumPRIDE. 

One day at a time, one action at a time, may we pledge to uphold the values signified in Pride month, this month, and in the many months and years to follow. 

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Jamie Candee

Jamie joined Edmentum in 2005 and began her career with the company in Human Resources, before working her way through nearly every department within the organization—serving as Director, Sales and Service Effectiveness; Vice President, Product Development; Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing; and Chief Revenue Officer during her initial tenure. Jamie rejoined the organization in 2017, to lead Edmentum’s strategic vision and long term growth plan as President, CEO, and Board Director, bringing her successful record of accomplishment as an executive with extensive experience in education technology, private equity, and policy. Her ambitious personality, relentless commitment to serve educators and students, and strong leadership inspire her teams to build and implement education programs that promote and support lifelong teaching and learning.