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[Product Update] Eggs-citing Refresh to Reading Eggspress Reports

[Product Update] Eggs-citing Refresh to Reading Eggspress Reports

We are eggs-cited to announce some fantastic changes to Reading Eggspress! Over the course of the next month, a complete roll out of a brand new reporting dashboard will be made available to all of our users. Designed to help you quickly determine classroom trends, Lexile® gains, and student usage, the updated reporting dashboard includes intuitive charts and graphs to help you stay connected as students develop fundamental literacy skills.

Upon initial release, aggregated class data will be available in the updated Reading Eggspress reports. Continue to check back as additional data views are added—including student level data. For now, let’s take a look at some of the meaningful ways Reading Eggspress is helping you take action to improve student learning.

Explore classroom trends

Big picture views of overall classroom performance and engagement are critical data points to help inform ongoing instructional decisions. Taking time to evaluate where students are learning and how rapidly they are making gains can be difficult however, without a rigorous tool that tracks these data points from beginning to end.

Reading Eggspress reporting will help you answer important data questions such as:

  • Are my students prepared to begin reading on-grade level texts independently?
  • Is the pacing of my direct instruction on target for what the majority of my students are ready to learn?
  • Are my small groups in alignment with my students’ current reading proficiencies and progress gains?

Reflect on Lexile® gains

Within the updated reporting dashboard, reading level gains, reported according to Lexile® measure are carefully noted to help track academic progress.

The Lexile® Reading Framework created by MetaMetrics can be used to identify reading materials at the appropriate difficulty level for students, regardless of grade level. Each of the over 2,000 titles in the Reading Eggspress library has been assigned a specific Lexile measure. As students read different texts in the program and demonstrate mastery on associated comprehension quizzes, their individual Lexile® measure is reported in the updated Reading Eggspress dashboard.

When viewing aggregated class Lexile reports, you can see your classes’ average Lexile level and progress month-over-month. Compare Lexile scores to grade levels using this Lexile-to-Grade Correspondence chart, and quickly see how your students are making progress toward grade level achievement.

Uncover student usage

Online learning programs are only powerful if they’re used with fidelity. While this may seem obvious, keeping tabs on how students are engaging in meaningful and varied learning experiences isn’t always as easy to determine.

Reading Eggspress encourages student choice, by allowing learners to select individualized comprehension lessons, spelling activities, Stadium challenges, and library books to explore. Accompanying this exploration though, is complete transparency around how each of your students is using the program.

Specific charts and tables dedicated to each of these learning areas are available in aggregated classroom reports. Upon the second release, similar data will be available at the student level, too. Next time you ask yourself, “am I allowing enough opportunities for authentic reading?” or “are students getting ongoing practice applying comprehension skills?” take a closer look at the new Reading Eggspress reports, and select a date range of your choice to determine if usage is where you want it to be.

The release of these reporting enhancements kicks off the start of a full refresh to all Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress reporting. Access the new Reading Eggspress reports from your teacher dashboard navigation when they are officially unveiled this week, and check back for more details and student reports later this month!

In the meantime, make sure you’re getting the most out of your Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress subscription by taking a look at these Top 10 Features You Might Not Know About!

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