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[Product Update] Have You Seen Study Island Lately?

[Product Update] Have You Seen Study Island Lately?

We’ve been asking this question a lot recently because, frankly, the Study Island you and your students know (or remember from years ago) is about to go through some big updates, and we’re pretty excited to spread the word. With advancements to the educator view, student dashboard, and even the practice sessions themselves, you can expect some meaningful enhancements aimed to improve and expand the creative ways you already use Study Island today. But, before we get to the fun features, you may be wondering, where all of these enhancements come from.

The short answer is—YOU. We’ve been listening to you, our customers. We’ve heard your wish lists, we’ve worked to fully understand your evolving teaching needs, and we’re committed to ensuring that Study Island is there to support you on that journey. Whether you’re a tenured Study Island user who has been using this product since its inception or just now rounding out your first year as a classroom leader and beginning to tap into what our program has to offer—we’re here to simplify your current tried-and-true processes and elevate features to improve the overall experience.

Taking all of the insights and ideas we’ve heard from you into account, our talented in-house curriculum and development teams have been hard at work preparing for this summer’s release. Later this July, you can expect to see enhancements in many different areas, including these three:

Educator Experience

We strive to be your most trusted partner as you improve learning outcomes for all of your students. One way we do just that is by providing quality standards-aligned practice that you can trust. This summer, we’re making updates that will enable you to more quickly tap into content built from the ground up to your state standards and deliver a variety of session types in alignment with your teaching style.

Student Dashboard

As education moves toward more personalized learning experiences, we want to include greater opportunities to put academic ownership back in your students’ hands. That’s why, this summer, we’re unveiling a brand-new student dashboard that aims to highlight key practice opportunities and progress metrics that are sure to make your students’ time online more meaningful.

Practice Sessions

Our practice sessions are at the heart of Study Island. Whether you’re leveraging them to help students fill gaps in learning, practice grade-level standards, or prepare for summative assessments, we know just how valuable this core component of our product has become. So, we’re taking a look at how sessions function—including the way they’re scored and how questions appear on your screen—and this summer, we’re making meaningful updates in each area to take practice to the next level.

These are only a few of the new and improved features you can expect to see in Study Island this summer. Want details on all of the exciting updates coming to Study Island? Join us for a live webinar on April 27 at either 10:00 AM Central or 1:30 PM Central to see sneak peeks, dive into specifics, and get your questions answered!

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