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[Product Update] Reading Eggspress Reporting Dashboard Complete!

[Product Update] Reading Eggspress Reporting Dashboard Complete!

At the end of October we first announced some exciting changes that would be coming to Reading Eggspress reporting. At that time, a streamlined new dashboard was unveiled for teachers, with a similar look and feel as the District Dashboard released earlier this year. The initial release included aggregated class data supporting key aspects of the program. Since then, the depth of this reporting dashboard has increased greatly and now includes a variety of student level views ready for you to explore!

Designed to help you quickly determine classroom trends, Lexile® gains, and student usage, the updated Reading Eggspress reporting dashboard uses intuitive charts and graphs to help you stay connected as students develop fundamental literacy skills. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting additions and dig into how they can be leveraged to improve student outcomes.

Getting to Know Your Dashboard

In the dashboard, there are a variety of reporting tiles you can click into (also available in the left navigation). Each report includes aggregated class progress at the top and individual student performance broken out by learner beneath that. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite reports, but recommend you review details about how to use the full data dashboard by accessing the Reading Eggspress Reporting User Guide. This document can also be accessed anytime from your Reading Eggspress dashboard, by selecting 'Quick Links' followed by 'User Guides'.

Comprehension Progress

At the heart of Reading Eggspress, students navigate their way through 220 scaffolded comprehension lessons. The Comprehension Progress report reflects important usage data as well as aggregated performance broken down by key comprehension category—literal, inferential, vocabulary and usage, and text analysis and critical literacy. When evaluating individual student performance toward the bottom of this table, it’s easy to see how progress translates to grade level content readiness. Use this data to help build homogenous reading groups based on where learners are currently working.

Reading Eggspress Updated Reporting

Quizzes Completed

Every scaffolded lesson of instruction and practice concludes with a short quiz. Quizzes completed, total attempts, and average quiz scores can all be monitored in the Quizzes Completed report. Quickly sort by average quiz score to get a meaningful breakdown of which students are struggling with reading comprehension and may be in need of intervention as well as those high flyers that can continue making literacy gains with greater independence. Additionally, a similar report focuses on Assessments completed, which are more comprehensive tests given at the end of a 10-lesson map.

Lexile Level and Growth

Lexile® measures are a commonly used metric to help report on reading ability and text complexity along a developmental scale. This Reading Eggspress report identifies a student’s approximate Lexile® measure upon placement into the reading program. From there, the report continually reflects growth as students read increasingly more complex texts in Reading Eggspress. According to MetaMetrics, the creators of the Lexile® Reading Framework, over 100 million articles, books, and websites include Lexile® measures to date. Use this critical data point to help students identify just right books (both in Reading Eggspress and outside of the program) to build literacy skills and encourage a lifelong love of reading.

Books Read by Level

Within Reading Eggspress, students have the opportunity to select different leveled texts from a library of over 2,000 e-books. As students read, they can complete end-of-chapter or end-of-book quizzes to demonstrate their comprehension of the text. Each of these books is captured in the Books Read by Level report, and grouped according to Lexile® level. Ensure students are being exposed to authentic reading materials at the appropriate Lexile level by monitoring the data found here. Additionally, we recommend using this chart to set individual- or class-wide reading goals and celebrate progress throughout the year.

Accessing Individual Student Results

One of the most exciting additions with this latest reporting release is the wealth of data available at the student level. From any report, your student list will be clickable. Simply select the student you want to learn more about to be taken to a comprehensive student results page for that learner. Additionally, a student filter is available at the top of the dashboard for quick access. In these reports, all of your students' progress from each Reading Eggspress report is synthesized and displayed in a single view. Discern lesson progress, review month-over-month Lexile growth, and evaluate quiz and assessment performance. A table view of this report is also available to provide more detailed recent activities and scores. This visually engaging report is perfect for parent-teacher conferences and regular in-class student check in’s—simply select your desired date range and print!

Subscription Coordinator Access

As a Subscription Coordinator, you have access to similar views of this revised data dashboard, with a few meaningful additions woven in. At the top of the dashboard, you will be able to filter your data by all schools or a specific teacher. Additionally, when reviewing student results, the teacher and grade associated with each learner will be displayed. Navigate your data with greater ease using this additional functionality.

The release of these reporting enhancements reflects our continued commitment to providing simple, actionable data. Access the new Reading Eggspress reports from your teacher or Subscription Coordinator dashboard navigation to see the exciting changes for yourself. And, don’t forget to take a look at our complete Reading Eggspress Reporting User Guide for even more details and quick tips!

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