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Reading Eggs Back-to-School Planning Guide

Reading Eggs Back-to-School Planning Guide

While you’re busy preparing your classroom and your lesson plans for your new crop of students, make sure that you’re setting aside some time to check that your digital tools are also ready to go.

Whether you’re a Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress teacher or subscription coordinator, we want to make sure that you have what you need to get off on the right foot and have an egg-cellent year. We’ve assembled our top resources to help you set up things for the new school year, explore all of the features your program has to offer, and learn best practices from successful implementations.

Prepare Your Account for the New Year

We know that you and your students are eager to get going on the journey toward proficient reading this year! But, just like any journey, you should make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row before you and your students set off. Here are a few things to check on before the school year kicks off:

1. Manage teachers, rollover, students, and classes: Depending on if you have a teacher or subscription coordinator account, there are a couple of housekeeping tasks you’ll want to check on before you start the school year.

  • As subscription coordinator, you’ll want to spend some time managing your teachers and their classes. On top of that, you’ll want to roll over any existing student accounts into their new classes. If you have new students to import, you can do so one at a time manually or in batches via CSV. Check out the Reading Eggs administrator’s guide for step-by-step instructions on how to add and manage teachers, students, and classes.
  • From a teacher account, you can add new students individually or in batches via CSV, create new classes, add students to your class, and manage student progress. You can find detailed instructions on how to carry out all of these tasks in the teacher guide.

2. Print student logins: At the beginning of a new school year, even the most seasoned students may forget their usernames and passwords. That’s why Reading Eggs makes it easy to print student login details anytime you need them. You’ll find directions on how to print these in the Reading Eggs user guide. Print a couple of copies—one to hold onto for your records and another to cut apart and pass out to students.

3. Print parent letters too: The benefits of reading at home are self-evident. Help make this a reality for your students by educating parents on how they can help their child access the program from home. Use the ready-made document available in Reading Eggs, which includes a full-page parent letter for each student, already filled in with the unique login credentials.

4. Reset placement tests: Because students have been away from the classroom for nearly three months during summer break, it’s not a bad idea to reassess where they stand academically. Whether your learners are using Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress, as a teacher, you can reset your students’ placement tests so that you can make sure that you know where they stand at the beginning of the school year. Keep in mind that resetting a placement test will clear students’ prior statistics in that area, which will be updated with their new placement test scores.

Gather Implementation Best Practices

When it comes to early literacy, there’s a lot of information out there on best practices, but how can you really be sure what’s right for your students? Our subject-matter experts and consultants have gathered lots of great insights throughout their tenure here at Edmentum. Here are a few of our favorite nuggets of information to help guide your program implementation:

[The Daily Five + Reading Eggs] The Perfect Fit for Your Literacy Model
Even if you are already familiar with the Daily 5™ and best practices for implementation, adding on an online learning solution like Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress to your framework will still empower your students with more tools for success on their journey to reading proficiency. Take a look at how Reading Eggs pairs perfectly with the different tasks of the Daily 5.

Literacy Instruction in the Early Primary Grades: One South Carolina School’s Experience
A recent research study by Latisha D. Lowery, Ed.D., conducted to examine the effects of Reading Eggs on elementary reading growth revealed that the Reading Eggs program, when used as a supplement, was effective in improving reading proficiency scores. Read up on the details of how in Winnsboro, South Carolina, one Title I elementary school committed to helping its youngest students become proficient readers is leveraging technology and an individualized approach to make it happen.

How Teachers Can Support Students with Dyslexia in the Elementary Classroom
When you understand what dyslexia is and how to support students, you give dyslexic students in your class a better shot at success. Learn how incorporating dyslexia-friendly teaching methods can help you meet the needs of your students.

Explore Our Favorite Features

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress are built to make learning to read and reading to learn fun, engaging, and achievable for your students. Nearly every area of the program was designed with emerging readers in mind. Take a look at a few of our favorite features:

[Feature Focus] 5 Ways Reading Eggs Assignments Make Your Classroom Better
Check out five ways you can use the assignment feature to transform how you use Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress in your classroom!

[WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation] 4 Ways to Support Your ELLs with Reading Eggs
Edmentum believes in providing ELLs with high-quality content to develop the language and reading skills they need to be successful in an academic environment. Take a peek at four ways that Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress support your ELLs’ literacy development with curriculum aligned to the WIDA™ PRIME V2™ correlations.

[Feature Focus] Reading Eggs Engagement Features
Nearly every aspect of Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress is designed to engage and actively reward students so that learning to read becomes a fun and interactive experience. Check out five features that will encourage your students to spend more time actively engaged in learning to read.

Refresh Your Skills

We offer on-demand workshops to help our customers feel comfortable with their online program. Do you have any new teachers who have just joined your school or maybe a few who haven’t used Reading Eggs yet? This Getting Started with Reading Eggs customer workshop, led by our in-house training team, could be just the ticket to help educators preview features, uncover best practices, and ask questions directly to our experts. Even if you are familiar with Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, this is also a great way to quickly refresh yourself on ways to get the most out of the program before the new school year starts.

Don’t have time for a full virtual workshop? Check out some of our two- to three-minute Quick Start Tutorials, or download a printable guide for easy reference. All of these resources can be found on our Getting Started Resources page.

Stay on Top of What’s New

We’re constantly improving our programs based on your feedback. This summer was no different—in fact, we’re making some very exciting enhancements to our diagnostic reporting that you won’t want to miss. Check out the Reading Eggs What’s New Page, where you’ll always find details about what has just been released and you can also preview what features are on deck to drop next.

Looking for additional assistance to get you up and running with Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress this school year? Our Support team is here to help! You can reach them by email at or phone at 877.394.6695.'s picture

McKenna Wierman studied Journalism at the University of Mississippi, and has worked with Edmentum since June 2016. She currently serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist, and believes that empowered teachers are the key to successful students.

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