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Reading Eggspress Feature Focus: The Stadium

Reading Eggspress Feature Focus: The Stadium

What keeps learners motivated? Teachers far and wide continuously rack their brains to answer this question, following every shift in their students’ interests and the introduction of new content. Lately, the answer to this question and many others has often been found in game-based learning, also commonly referred to as “gamification”.

For our youngest students, games in the classroom can help build foundational skills essential to future success in an engaging online environment. In Reading Eggspress’ upcoming release, the familiar gaming area known as the Stadium, will return with new improvements that put this thinking into action.

So, just what is game-based learning and how is it meaningful? Tying academic growth to interactive experiences, game-based learning motivates and engages students on their learning journey. According to eLearning Industry, other benefits to game-based learning include increased cognitive functioning through emotional engagement, the option to track measurable outcomes and receive instant feedback, and the opportunity to de-stigmatize failure.

The updated Stadium feature in Reading Eggspress will help students apply their knowledge in a risk-free gaming environment by providing a better head-to-head experience that tests their English skills. Students will now be able to choose to compete in real time against their class, school, other students from around the world, or in practice mode. When students enter the competitive arena, they are automatically set to play at their grade level, with two levels of difficulty to choose from at each grade.

In this updated feature, learners will be presented with questions in a series of stadium challenges, as their avatar races three opponents along the bottom of the screen with each right answer. Each session brings new excitement, as there are hundreds of questions at each grade level to ensure students are flexing their language muscles in different ways. These exciting contests will challenge and improve learners’ skills in four different areas:

Spelling Sprint: In this race around the track, students find the correctly and incorrectly spelled words to take home 1st place.

Grammar Skating: Students will strap on their skates for this test of grammar to identify different parts of speech.

Vocabulary Pursuit: In this cycling challenge, learners will race against opponents by identifying correct synonyms and antonyms.

Freestyle Usage: Students swim towards the finish line by selecting sentences with correct usage and completing sentences appropriately.

This summer brought many other impactful changes to the Reading Eggspress program as well. These updates included new lessons to support a smooth transition from Reading Eggs,  individualized student learning paths, and an all new English skills area targeted at spelling practice, all of which help to provide a better academic experience than ever before.

Want to learn more about Reading Eggspress? Watch this short overview video or read up on all the recent product developments!

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