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Research at Edmentum: Supporting Our 4 Commitments to Customers

Research at Edmentum: Supporting Our 4 Commitments to Customers

At Edmentum, everything we do is focused around the four commitments we make to our customers of creating quality content, developing simple technology, providing actionable data, and facilitating customer success. A huge amount of research goes into each and every one of our products in order to deliver on these commitments. In the next year, we want to take time to share just what those efforts look like and why they’re a priority for our company.

Research isn’t a new thing for us here at Edmentum—we’ve had an in-house research department for years. We employ psychometricians and education research specialists whose sole focus is to dig into the validity of our assessment items and content. Their purpose is to conduct valid and reliable research that is meaningful, improves teaching and learning, and supports the development of fair and equitable learning environments. This team is all about gathering and analyzing data, but they’re looking for the stories told by that data as well. Their findings help other groups across the Edmentum organization—including our curriculum writers, developers, implementation coaches, and user experience designers—fine-tune their approach, and continuously improve the quality of our programs and services.

Over the past year, the experts in our research department got to take on an exciting challenge with the design and launch of Edmentum’s new individualized learning solution, Exact Path. They poured countless hours of work into making sure that our diagnostic assessments and prescriptive learning paths for English language arts and math work effectively to help educators facilitate truly personalized learning in the classroom. Now, we want to take the time to share their hard work and findings and continue to highlight their work as they switch gears to focus on the research base for our new algebra curriculum in 2017, technical research on the evidence-based classroom practice of Study island, Courseware effectiveness, Exact Path norming studies, and more.

The work of our research department is some of the most important work that Edmentum as a company engages in—it provides the confirmation we rely on to know that our online solutions are helping educators create successful student outcomes. That’s our mission as a company, and we’re looking forward to telling you more about how our research is fulfilling it.

Stay tuned in the coming months for deeper dives into our research department’s workings and the projects they’re carrying out. Want to get a taste of some of what they spend their time on? Check out this blog post on Thinking Clearly About Test Validity!'s picture

Sarah Cornelius is a Senior Marketing Specialist at Edmentum and has been with the company since 2014. In her role, she works to provide educators with engaging and insightful resources. Sarah received her B.S. in Professional Communications and Emerging Media from the University of Wisconsin - Stout.

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