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[Resource] Blended Learning: Fundamentals of the Planning Process

[Resource] Blended Learning: Fundamentals of the Planning Process

At its core, blended learning is designed to help personalize learning experiences for every student by effectively infusing technology into the teaching and learning process. This how-to workbook is designed to help you determine the most appropriate blended learning program for your school or district, build a plan for a successful rollout, and navigate the implementation process.

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Our guide, “Blended Learning: Fundamentals of the Planning Process,” offers 10 pages of overviews and planning worksheets, including:

  • Exploring common blended learning models and implementation examples
  • Building your ideal blended learning program
  • Identifying your early adopters
  • Creating an implementation timeline

And, don’t forget to check out our Talking Ed Blended Learning series, including:

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