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Resources for Kentucky Educators to Support Effective Credit Recovery Programs

Resources for Kentucky Educators to Support Effective Credit Recovery Programs

Credit recovery programs are perfect for high schools hoping to help students graduate on time, middle schools hoping to bridge learning gaps to prepare students for high school, and alternative schools hoping to remediate learners. With online credit recovery programs, Kentucky educators can view data faster, manage students and courses more efficiently, and save plenty of time. This blog post will offer a roundup of helpful credit recovery resources for Kentucky educators and offer more insight into Courseware and EdOptions Academy, Edmentum’s online curriculum programs.

Resources from the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE)

Transitional Interventions 

Interventions are required by law for students who do not meet statewide benchmarks. Find a helpful College Readiness Indicators reference chart that includes passing scores for the ACT, SAT, KYOTE, GED College Readiness, and ALEKS exams. 

Kentucky System of Intervention (KSI) Tiers 

Learn about the three KSI tiers of intervention (core instruction, supplemental instruction, and intensive intervention), and explore the resources provided in the KSI guide, which also includes a glossary of niche terms related to interventions, helpful websites, and intervention questions to consider. For further guidance, view the KSI Guidance resource page that includes a link to the Guide to Kentucky Systems of Interventions document. 

Organizing, Planning, and Maintaining a Credit Recovery Program

Credit Recovery Program Planning Guide 

This guide has been developed to help you evaluate the type of credit recovery program you are looking to offer, the students you are looking to serve, and the instruction and staffing that will be needed for a successful program implementation.

Credit Recovery Workbook

This workbook is helpful to use as you plan for a successful credit recovery program whether your district is thinking about implementing a credit recovery program for the first time or looking to evaluate an already existing program. It will help you think critically about topics that affect the success of a program, such as needs analysis, curriculum evaluation criteria, defined evaluation plans, and much more.

[Blog] Implementing a Courseware Credit Recovery Program 

In part 1 of our three-part credit recovery series, the Edmentum Professional Services team shares best practices on implementing credit recovery programs based on experience over the years partnering with countless districts. This blog post will help you think about topics such as the credit recovery selection process, logistics, and resources for educators who are hoping to implement or revamp a credit recovery program.

[Blog] Keeping Your Online Credit Recovery Program on Track 

In part 2 of our three-part credit recovery series, the Edmentum Professional Services team discusses best practices on how to keep your credit recovery program on track. This blog post offers tips surrounding online program setup, progress monitoring, student collaboration, and student portfolios.

[Blog] Ongoing Credit Recovery Program Management

In part 3 of our three-part credit recovery series, the Edmentum Professional Services team examines the last step of credit recovery programs. After implementation is complete and your credit recovery program is on track, the next thing to think about is credit recovery program management. This blog post suggests best practices regarding progress and improvement reflection, educator group meeting topics, and customization options to successfully manage your credit recovery intervention program.

Credit Recovery Quick Reads

[Blog] How Online Courses Can Help Achieve Graduation Goals 

“Online learning, in standard classrooms as well as credit recovery programs, is not about finding an ‘easier’ alternative to traditional courses; it’s about engaging different learning modalities, uncovering genuine interests, monitoring progress, tailoring pace, developing useful real-world skills, and achieving the ultimate goal of a high school diploma.” For more blog posts like this, check out our collection of credit recovery blog posts.

[Blog] 5 Best Practices for Flexible Credit Recovery 

“All students have their own learning style—and the physical environment they are able to conduct their learning in can have a big impact on their success. For some students (very frequently those who are at-risk or have fallen behind in credits), the traditional classroom is not the right fit. So, when designing your credit recovery program, consider offering students flexibility in regard to where and when they can complete their assignments.”

[Blog] Quick Tips for All Credit Recovery Stakeholders

This blog post provides credit recovery tips to the three categories of stakeholders most invested in these sorts of educational programs: administrators, instructors, and students.

[Success Story] Providing a Roadmap to Graduation and Beyond in Burlington, IL 

“Every student has unique learning needs, and no one knows how to address those needs better than teachers. So, when Central High School in Burlington, Illinois, wanted to employ a blended learning solution in its new credit recovery program, the ability to customize course content was at the top of its list of requirements, and it led the school to Edmentum’s solutions.” For more success stories like this, view our credit recovery success stories.

Edmentum’s Credit Recovery Offerings  

Edmentum Course Catalog 

The Edmentum course catalog showcases the rigorous and engaging courses we offer. Filter by state, subject category library, or grade level to find a course that resonates with your students’ needs. In need of a state-certified virtual teacher? EdOptions Academy offers just that. Courseware and EdOptions Academy provide the same digital curriculum. With EdOptions Academy, however, you get to pair the curriculum with our astounding, state-certified virtual teachers. Courses that are only offered through EdOptions Academy will be marked as such in parentheses next to the course names. 

Edmentum's Credit Recovery Offerings 

Learn more about how you can meet your students’ credit recovery and unit recovery needs with Edmentum in an engaging and attainable format. With the help of our courses, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify unit and credit recovery needs
  • Deliver high-quality, individualized instruction
  • Monitor progress frequently
  • Make data-driven adjustments

Credit Recovery with Courseware and EdOptions Academy

This brochure explains how Courseware and EdOptions Academy provide proven, effective credit recovery solutions to school districts. We offer a credit recovery learning solution that is ideal for: 

  • At-risk students
  • Summer school
  • Remediation
  • Alternative school

Credit Recovery in Action

[OnDemand Webinar] Implementing Minimesters for Credit Recovery 

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about how schools and districts are leveraging virtual courses to offer “minimesters” where students can recover missing credits in a short period of time. And, with flexible, cost-effective, monthly, subscription-based courses from EdOptions Academy, you can implement this credit recovery model for as little as $80 per student.

[Video] Expanding Digital Learning Opportunities in Akron, Ohio 

Akron Public Schools’ digital learning coordinator, Marcie Ebright, shares how the district used Edmentum courses to expand its course catalog offerings and retain students who would have otherwise left the district in favor of online charter schools. The district reached the decision to partner with Edmentum based on positive feedback from teachers, interactivity from students, and ease of students to follow the Courseware.

[Video] How Mentors Helped Facilitate an Engaging Environment in Akron, Ohio 

Akron Public Schools’ online program mentor, Kelly Ford, provides an overview of how she is able to mentor, challenge, and support students taking online courses in a classroom setting.

[Video] Finding Solutions to Tough Challenges: The Nationwide Teacher Shortage 

This video discusses why teacher shortages are occurring and how some states are tackling the issue head-on by thinking outside of the box. Learn how districts can ease the burden of their teachers, who are inevitably overwhelmed by teacher shortages, by partnering with Edmentum for first-time credit and credit recovery needs.

[OnDemand Webinar] How Partnering with a Virtual School Can Make a Difference in Your Summer School Program 

In this recorded webinar, learn how EdOptions Academy, Edmentum’s fully accredited virtual school, can make a difference in your summer school program. Delve into how districts can expand their course offerings to meet a range of students' academic needs, including credit recovery, acceleration, and remediation.

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