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The Results Are In! Announcing Edmentum’s Educator of the Year Award Winners

The Results Are In! Announcing Edmentum’s Educator of the Year Award Winners

Another school year has come and gone, and another set of graduates have been ushered across the stage to receive their diplomas and enter the world as young adults. From the moment students set foot in the kindergarten classroom, to the moment they step off the graduation stage, they spend on average over 1,100 hours a year with their teachers. That’s 1,100 hours spent educating, molding, shaping, and transforming the minds of America’s youth, helping to prepare them for the world. Educators spend their days ensuring that students have every opportunity possible to advance in their education, career, and life. This is challenging, meaningful work, and many educators go far above and beyond the expectations set for them. For these dedicated educators, teaching is not just a job or a paycheck; it is a passion, a drive, and an opportunity to make a difference in the students’ lives that they impact each and every day.

Earlier this spring we asked our customers to nominate fellow educators who they see making a truly profound impact on the lives of their students. Now, it’s time to announce the winners of our first Edmentum Educator of the Year Awards! This was one of the most difficult, yet inspiring, awards that we have ever tasked ourselves with naming a winner for. Every entry was a heartfelt, thoughtful, and sincerely inspiring story.

And, without further ado, our Educator of the Year Award winners are:

Edmentum’s Principal of the Year:  Robert K. - Nazareth Area Middle School

Edmentum’s Teacher of the Year: Carmen K. – David Crockett Elementary School

Edmentum’s Inspirational Educator (High School):  Karen L. - Juvenile Detention Center

Edmentum’s Inspirational Educator (Middle School):  Susan F. - Tamaqua Middle, High School

Edmentum’s Inspirational Educator (Elementary School):  Tami C. – Bratt Elementary School  

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest, and to all of the educators who spend countless hours making a difference in students’ lives and in the lives around them. Keep up your amazing work!