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Spring: Free Classroom Resources!

Spring: Free Classroom Resources!

The changing of the seasons provides lots of opportunities for learning! At the elementary level, seasons create a rich context for understanding weather, plant life and vegetation, as well as the solar system. These topics can be investigated in science lessons and discussed, read, and written about in reading and language arts units. As we approach the start of spring, check out our Spring Equinox Toolkit for free resources from EducationCity including a fact sheet, critical thinking activities known as ThinkIts, and a classroom poster to help celebrate the seasonal shift!

With all the great topics that can be explored through a seasonal lens, let’s take a look at even more resources available to you and your students this spring:

Reading & Writing


Spring offers a great opportunity to explore new life, weather patterns, and phases of the moon. Ground learning and kick off an exciting new unit in your classroom with our free downloadable Spring Toolkit from EducationCity and start showing your students what spring has to offer!

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