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Study Island’s Evolution

Study Island’s Evolution

Study Island was born 16 years ago as an online solution designed to help learners master rigorous academic content outlined by state standards. Study Island quickly became a popular program for both educators and students. Teachers liked the program’s standards-based content, and students loved its built-in engagement features. From the beginning, Study Island’s unique structure has always been easy to implement, and the program’s real-time reporting has provided an invaluable tool to help inform instruction in the classroom and monitor student progress. Additionally, Study Island has always prided itself on an in-house curriculum development team, led by former educators, researchers, psychometricians, and subject matter experts, who develop meaningful content built from the ground up to each state’s standards.

In the last 16 years, Study Island has grown to support thousands of schools nationwide. The program now features over 600,000 unique questions covering ELA, math, science, and social studies. These include 6,600 technology-enhanced items built from 14 unique item types. During the 2014–15 school year, students answered over 2.5 billion questions within the program. However, Study Island hasn’t just grown in number of users or questions answered. Diverse features—such as Edmentum Sensei for Study Island, Benchmarking, Test Builder, Group Sessions, and the Teacher Toolkit—have all been introduced to continue engaging students and improving their performance.

As you can see, the Study Island of today has come a long way from the original Study Island of 2000. This program has grown into a dynamic online tool that not only prepares students for rigorous end-of-year summative assessments but also helps drive meaningful formative assessment strategies in the classroom. In only 16 short years, Study Island has become an industry leader in delivering standards-based content through a robust, engaging platform. Study Island is leading the way in customizing content to state and national standards and is continuously delivering top-of-the-line, research-based, valid, and reliable practice and assessment solutions.

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Study Island’s Evolution

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