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Study Island Feature Focus: Reporting

Study Island Feature Focus: Reporting

Streamlined progress monitoring is an essential element of effective district- and building-level management. Administrators need an effective tool that allows them to easily oversee and visualize student progress across buildings, grade levels, and various demographic groups. Study Island offers over 18 highly customizable, real-time reports that provide educators with just this kind of insight. The program’s intuitive analytics, on-screen reporting, and real-time progress monitoring features allow educators to track student performance, focus on learning gaps, and create individualized learning paths to improve student outcomes.  

A significant component of Study Island is the ability it offers educators to frequently asses and receive comprehensive data that assists in driving instructional decision-making. Our school and teacher reports provide a wealth of information, including a class comparison report, statewide comparison report, benchmarking report and much more.

Here are just a few of our favorite reports in Study Island:

Class Gradebook Report – Break down your student data between each class, campus, or program. Study Island allows educators to group and track each student along state specific or Common Core standards for a given grade, program, or subject area. Instructors are able to pull this report to determine at any point in time their students’ progress against one or more standards.

Benchmark Report – The Benchmark report helps to assess student progress toward meeting state standards and provides valuable insights to inform instruction. Study Island Benchmark Assessments are developed from each state assessment’s requirements, including PARCC and SBAC assessments. Benchmarks determine a starting point for each student, gauge their strengths and needs, help educators identify next steps, and provide progress monitoring.

Blue Ribbon Report – Encourage students by helping them set goals to earn Blue Ribbons for completing lessons and activities in Study Island! Goals can be set for individual students or entire classrooms. Our Blue Ribbon report helps instructors monitor their students’ progress toward these goals and know when to celebrate achievements. 

NWEA Map Report – Study Island and NWEA customers can easily pinpoint individual students’ academic strengths and weaknesses with NWEA MAP test results. Those results are then used to automatically target skill gaps with Study Island’s rigorous, standards-based content.

RTI Report – Study Island’s RTI report helps educators identify at-risk students and plan evidence-based interventions. This report tracks individual student response-to-intervention by topic, and empowers educators to adjust those interventions as needed.

Want to learn more about classroom reporting and formative assessment with Study Island? Find out how you can achieve success with this proven, data-driven solution!