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Success Story: Immaculate Conception

Success Story: Immaculate Conception

At Immaculate Conception in Dennison, Ohio, adding an online standards-based program for test preparation created new enthusiasm for learning school-wide and supported recruitment efforts.

Larry Amicone recently came to Immaculate Conception in Dennison, OH as principal with more than 36 years of experience in education. Experienced in readying students for state testing, Amicone wanted to fully prepare his students for the TerraNova standardized tests for non-public schools. Teachers at Immaculate Conception teach to Ohio’s Academic Content Standards, so Amicone needed a program that would support standards-based instruction, evaluate student needs and performance, and help identify when students needed to be advanced or tutored on key concepts to ensure mastery. He also wanted a tool that would help prepare younger second grade students for testing. Amicone sought out a program that he had previously used as principal at a nearby high school – Study Island.

 “Study Island has been very easy to navigate as the administrator, and Study Island’s phenomenal customer support staff have always been there to answer any questions we have.” ~Larry Amicone, Principal, Immaculate Conception

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