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[Summer Fun] 3 Ways to Keep Students Learning Using Edmentum’s Adaptive Intervention Solution

[Summer Fun] 3 Ways to Keep Students Learning Using Edmentum’s Adaptive Intervention Solution

What’s not to love about summer break? The days are long, the sun is shining, BBQ’s are in full swing, and school is out! While students and teachers are counting down the days until they are ‘free’ from class, there is always that lingering question of ‘what will students remember in the fall?’

Transitioning into a new school or grade is a challenging time for both students and educators. Edmentum’s adaptive intervention solution, which includes Edmentum Test Packs and Edmentum Accusess, offers tools instructors can use to ensure students don’t suffer from the “summer slide.” The goal is to have students come back to the new school year prepared to continue learning, and ready for next generation assessments. Our adaptive intervention solution can even give your class a jump start on their fall semester material before summer has begun.

Personalize learning

Before this school year is over, administer Edmentum Test Packs to identify where each student is in their learning path, and what skill gaps remain. Once each student’s areas of strength and weakness are determined, a personalized learning path will help them work towards the knowledge they need for a successful fall semester. For those students who need a more intensive intervention plan, Edmentum Accucess can be used. This adaptive diagnostic assessment will generate a multi-grade-level intervention learning pathway for each student. Identifying these areas will be key to understanding where students need a little extra practice over the summer.

Engage students

Edmentum’s adaptive intervention solution can provide educators with personalized learning paths and the right tools to meet each students’ needs while preparing them for new school year. The dynamic learning environment will ensure that students are engaged with the right material all summer long. They will have easy access to interactive tutorials, activities, and lessons that are designed to motivate students as they move forward in their learning path.

Track progress and communicate results

With a variety of robust built-in reporting features, Edmentum’s adaptive intervention solution allows educators to easily track student progress in summer programming. These features empower instructors to keep lines of communication open with students and celebrate successes as they move through their learning paths. If students are struggling in a specific topic, they can easily be assigned additional summer learning activities from the program’s built-in content library.

Ready to get started with your summer intervention program? Find out how you can transform learning with Edmentum’s adaptive intervention solution!