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[Talking Ed] Four Videos Anyone Exploring Virtual and Blended Learning Should Watch Now

[Talking Ed] Four Videos Anyone Exploring Virtual and Blended Learning Should Watch Now

While virtual and blended learning modules are by no means new on the education scene, it’s unlikely that anyone imaged they would be as central to teaching in 2020-21 academic year as they currently are. In Edmentum’s Talking Ed series, we dove in to a few of the conversations that surround these two learning modules, and had a few of our experts do their best to help answer some common questions. While these videos were recorded pre-COVID-19, they still have a lot of valuable information to offer any educator looking to learn a little more about virtual or blended learning! Take a look at four videos you should watch right now:


[Talking Ed] 5 Biggest Pitfalls of Blended Learning

After you’ve decided to take the plunge and begin to implement blended learning at your school, there are many pitfalls to consider and avoid. In this Talking Ed video, we’ll discuss the five biggest pitfalls of blended learning and share tips for what you can do to avoid them!


[Talking Ed] Which Blended Learning Model Is Right for You?

Deciding to implement blended learning at your school can feel like a massive undertaking full of many decisions to make and points to consider. In this Talking Ed video, you’ll dive deep into the four most common blended learning models.


[Talking Ed] Virtual Learning for Elementary Students: Does It Really Work?

Whenever someone pictures individualized, completely online instruction, they typically picture an older student working alone at a computer at home. But, can elementary students benefit from this type of instruction too? In this episode of our Talking Ed series, Kate Weber, product manager at Edmentum, will discuss what type of elementary students would benefit from virtual learning and what its benefits are.


[Talking Ed] 6 Things to Consider When Partnering with a Virtual School

Beginning the search for a virtual school partner can feel overwhelming. In this brand-new episode of our Talking Ed series, Edmentum’s Kate Weber, product manager, will discuss the six things a school should consider when choosing a virtual school partner.


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