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Team Up Tuesday: Lots of Learning at ISTE 2014

Team Up Tuesday: Lots of Learning at ISTE 2014

Our team has recently returned from ISTE 2014, and we just wanted to take a moment to fill you in on a few things we learned during our time in Atlanta. Our booth was certainly busy, and we greatly appreciate all of the educators who took a moment to stop by, tell us about their unique experiences in the 21st century classroom, and discover a little more about how they can team up with Edmentum.

During the show, we had educators participate in a live poll where we asked them to vote on their biggest challenge in the classroom. Of the seven choices—intervention, individualized learning, dropout prevention, school improvement, instructional assistance, college and career readiness, and data analysis—individualized learning came out on top, with twice the number of votes as the second most popular choice—intervention. Here’s the complete results of our survey*, in order of popularity:

  • Individualized Learning: 38%
  • Intervention: 19%
  • Data Analysis: 11%
  • Instructional Assistance: 10%
  • College and Career Readiness: 8%
  • School Improvement: 7.5%
  • Dropout Prevention: 6.5%

*Total survey respondents: 578

We’ve known for quite a while that individualized learning is a hot topic among educators across the country, and we were excited to see that the data from our poll reflects what we had suspected all along. To help with this particular challenge, as well as several of the others that you see listed above, we developed a new tool for analyzing data. Last winter, we introduced Edmentum Sensei  for Plato Courseware and Edmentum Assessments as a way for educators to seamlessly access and interact with their students’ data. This innovation appears to be resonating well with a number of different audiences, and we were honored to receive the ISTE 2014 Best of Show Award for Edmentum Sensei during this year’s festivities.

Now that ISTE is over, we’re looking forward working with educators across America to help them prepare for everyone to head back to the classroom. Let’s team up for a great 2014–2015 school year!