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TEKS-Aligned Resources

TEKS-Aligned Resources

Educators are challenged with finding solutions designed to engage, motivate, and improve achievement for all learners. The key to individualizing instruction is understanding where each of your student’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Diagnosing student proficiencies in relation to the TEKS is an essential first step to ensuring TEKS mastery.  Aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards, Study Island's practice and assessments and EducationCity's research-based student activities, provide your teachers with engaging tools and resources they need to help their students succeed.

  • Study Island's Teacher Toolkit provides educators a quick and easy search of lesson plans, videos, flash animations, virtual labs, and project-based learning activities.
  • EducationCity's built-in teacher resources provide educators with standards maps, lesson planning tools and whiteboard activities. 

Used together, EducationCity and Study Island foster engagement and ensure student success. Study Island’s standards-based practice and assessment is a perfect complement to EducationCity’s highly-engaging instructional activities and topic tools. From instruction and intervention with EducationCity, to practice and assessment with Study Island, our programs provide educators with the necessary resources to meet their students’ unique needs and master Texas standards.