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Top 10 Features You Might Not Know About EducationCity

Top 10 Features You Might Not Know About EducationCity

EducationCity continues to evolve and improve to meet educators’ changing needs. Take a look at a few of our favorite features that you may have missed along the way, and start getting the most out of your EducationCity subscription today!

1. MyCities

Perfect for creating individualized learning paths, MyCities allow you to add, sequence, and assign content to whole classes, small groups, or individual students. To aid in lesson planning, MyCities can also be used to group content together for easy access during instruction.

2. Standards Map

Identify resources relevant to the specific standards that you are teaching in just a few clicks! The Standards Map allows you to browse by grade, subject, strand, or objective and use helpful filters to refine your search and launch or assign appropriate content.

3. ThinkIts

These cross-curricular, critical-thinking questions are designed to spark discussion and deepen understanding. ThinkIts can be used in a variety of ways, including on an interactive whiteboard as a quick-start activity or printed as an exit ticket.

4. Learn Screens

Animated video tutorials, known as Learn Screens, help introduce and reinforce concepts in your classroom. You can use them to enrich whole-class instruction or assign out to individual students to help them gain a thorough understanding of a topic.

5. Topic Tools

These flexible, teacher-led tools encourage exploration by allowing students to interact with virtual manipulatives and investigate new topics. Ideal for learning on the interactive whiteboard, Topic Tools allow educators to model concepts, easily differentiate instruction, and reinforce learning when working with small groups or individual students.

6. Grouping Students

Groups give educators the flexibility to cluster students together and more easily create assignments and track learner progress with SuccessTracker. In the Manage Users area, you are able to create and edit groups as needed to differentiate instruction for your students.

7. Topical Resources

Enjoy free, downloadable classroom resources that are released each month to explore historical dates, events, and holidays. Topical resources include such items as lesson plans, activity sheets, printable ThinkIts, fact sheets, and classroom posters.

8. Student Access Preferences

This area gives you, the educator, ultimate control over what content your students see and at what times they have EducationCity access. Want Homework turned off within school hours? Or maybe Pick and Play should only be available while students are in your classroom. Student access preferences give you the power to determine when certain features are available.

9. Offline Activities & Lesson Ideas

All interactive activities are accompanied by offline, printable resources that are perfect for classroom centers, homework, or classwork when technology is limited. These complementary resources include activity sheets, lesson ideas, and teacher notes to help reinforce learning.

10. New Content

The EducationCity curriculum, development, and creative teams are continuously building new content to support rich and inspiring learning opportunities across subjects. Regardless of your subscription, you can always launch the latest content from the Teacher Area.

Want to learn more about different areas of your EducationCity subscription? Simply turn on the “hints” feature, identified by the purple question mark icon, to get helpful tips and step-by-step user guides. You can also download our Quick Start Guide for more information on EducationCity’s different content types and features!

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