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Total Package Hockey + EdOptions Academy Student Spotlight: Outstanding Athletes, Lifelong Learners

Total Package Hockey + EdOptions Academy Student Spotlight: Outstanding Athletes, Lifelong Learners

Some children find true passions outside of the classroom early on. For these students, balancing those activities with critically important academics is a consistent challenge. Total Package Hockey, a leading holistic, junior hockey training program in the United States, was created to serve just these kinds of learners.

Founded in 2001, Total Package Hockey (TPH) provides individualized academic, hockey, and general athletic development to hundreds of student-athletes at 10 different locations nationwide. The program’s Center of Excellence (CoE) academic system utilizes flexible online learning powered by Edmentum’s fully accredited EdOptions Academy to help dedicated student-athletes achieve success both on the ice and in the classroom so that they can be ready for the next step after graduation.

Student-athletes come to TPH when they’re ready to take their on-ice game to the next level—but rigorous, NCAA-approved EdOptions Academy virtual courses and the highly personalized CoE model help students reach new heights academically as well. The TPH approach is all about balance, rigor, and innovation, which makes EdOptions Academy a natural fit.

Dedicated student-athletes maximizing flexible virtual learning

Student-athletes at a Center of Excellence split their days between athletic training sessions and self-driven classroom time working on their EdOptions Academy courses with the support of their online teachers, as well as other students and TPH academic staff on site. Even better, student-athletes enrolled with TPH gain the flexibility to devote more time and energy to elite leagues and competition that help them cultivate their passion for their sport while they work toward college and professional goals.

The Total Package Hockey approach requires dedication. Student-athletes must be prepared to work hard, hold themselves accountable, and take responsibility for their performance both on the ice and in their EdOptions Academy virtual courses. But, the attitude that this dedication cultivates helps them far beyond the next big game or graduation, and the fulfilling, positive outcomes they achieve as a result are truly inspiring. Need proof? Check out what these TPH student-athletes have to say about their experience at their Center of Excellence and in EdOptions Academy courses:


11th Grade

Currently Plays: AAA Hockey

Post-TPH Goals: NCAA Division I Hockey at Arizona State University or U.S. Air Force Academy and Pursuing a Career in Chemical Engineering

“I was actually homeschooled before I came [to TPH and EdOptions Academy]. . . . I think it’s easier to do school [at TPH] because of all the help that is available to me. I can call any teacher; they’re there to help me out.”

“The flexibility of [TPH and EdOptions Academy] has benefited me by being able to get all that extra ice time. For a lot of the players on my team, they're only getting about three to four hours a week on the ice . . . with TPH I'm getting more ice time a day than they are in a week.”


10th Grade

Currently Plays: AAA Hockey

Post-TPH Goals: College Hockey

“I like taking the [EdOptions Academy] virtual courses because if I don't understand something, I can take my time and redo the lesson. I can go and reread it, and if I still don't get it, I can [video conference with] my teachers, and they can help me one on one.”

“I've gotten to be a better player, and I've also become more responsible in the classroom too because I have to take responsibility for my [EdOptions Academy courses] if I want to get it done.”


12th Grade

Currently Plays: AAA Hockey

Post-TPH Goals: Junior Hockey and NCAA Division I Hockey

“You have to be a lot more self-motivated to get your work done [in EdOptions Academy courses], but you get used to it, and I find it to be a lot better for me, working at my own pace. . . . I do get my schoolwork done faster because I can do it whenever I want.”

“[Using TPH and EdOptions Academy] has allowed me to focus on my training and get better.”


10th Grade

Currently: Competitive Figure Skater

Post-TPH Goals: Perform as a Professional Figure Skater and Eventually Coach Figure Skating

“Sometimes, I'm just in the mood to do schoolwork. Being in public school, I was always so anti-schoolwork; I was like, "I never want to do schoolwork," but now with [EdOptions Academy], I actually enjoy learning. It's nice to want to learn.”

“I'm in fashion design this year, and it's really cool. A lot of it's the history of fashion design, but I've gotten to design a couple of things, and it's really fun. I'm glad I've gotten to choose that.”


7th Grade

Currently Plays: AAA Hockey

Post-TPH Goals: College Hockey

“My favorite thing [about EdOptions Academy courses] is I can really work by myself when I need to and work at my own pace.”

“[Using TPH and EdOptions Academy] has benefited me because when we have a tournament out of state, I can still do my schoolwork at the hotel.”


11th Grade

Currently Plays: AAA Hockey

Post-TPH Goals: College Hockey

“My favorite thing about taking virtual courses is working at my own pace. The pace bar really helps me stay on track in my classes, and I try to get ahead when I can. I text my teachers on a daily basis when I need help with some material.” 


9th Grade

Currently Plays: AAA Hockey

Post-TPH Goals: NCAA Division I Hockey and the NHL

“I started [at TPH] because I wanted to improve my game but also for traveling. The way you can get ahead [in classes] is just a game changer.”

“We're all like-minded kids. You want to be good at your sport so it's easy to get along with [other TPH student-athletes] because you guys all have the same drive.”


9th Grade

Currently Plays: A1 Hockey

Post-TPH Goals: Junior Hockey or NCAA Division I Hockey

“You can work on your own time [in EdOptions Academy courses]. You don’t have to work with the class and be at your classes’ pace . . . it’s easier to work by yourself and independently.”

Want to find out more about Total Package Hockey’s holistic approach to developing student-athletes to be ready for real-world success? Check out TPH’s Center of Excellence academic model powered through partnership with EdOptions Academy. Interested in learning more about how EdOptions Academy’s fully accredited virtual courses can help students balance rigorous academics with life beyond the classroom? Check out this blog post on 7 Kinds of Students Who Can Benefit from Virtual Learning!'s picture
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