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[Web-Based Testing] Best Practices to Prepare Students

[Web-Based Testing] Best Practices to Prepare Students

Have you started spring test-prep efforts in your classroom yet? Next-generation assessments mean that students need to be prepared not only for more rigorous content, but also for the technical aspects of web-based testing. Familiarity navigating online tests, working with technology-enhanced item types, and strong keyboarding skills are all essential for students to effectively demonstrate their content knowledge. So, how can you create a holistic preparation program to help your students achieve success on these new assessments?

Join us for a free live webinar on Tuesday, February 23rd from 3pm to 3:45pm CT where we will discuss best practices for preparing students for web-based testing! We’ll discuss key aspects of online testing, including the different types of technology-enhanced questions as well as effective strategies for benchmarking students to monitor progress and target instruction. Finally, you’ll have a chance to see Edmentum’s rigorous, standards-based online solutions, Study Island and Edmentum Assessments, and learn about how they can be a valuable part of your test-preparation program.

Prepare for a successful spring testing season! Find all the details and register for Edmentum’s free live webinar, Best Practices for Preparing Students for Web-based Testing, here!*

*Can’t join at this date or time? No problem! Register and we will send you a complete recording after the live event.