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[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Why Teacher Pay Raises Can Prove So Tough to Win

[Weekly EdNews Round Up] Why Teacher Pay Raises Can Prove So Tough to Win

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. In Edmentum’s Weekly News Round Up, you’ll find the latest and most interesting education news, all in one place.

What do the statewide teacher walkout in Arizona, a research center studying how to turn failure into success, and Schoolhouse Rock all have in common? They’re all featured topics in this week’s EdNews Round Up! Read up on why teacher pay raises can be so tough to win, why there is value in failing, how we will remember the iconic life of Bob Dorough, and more.

Why Teacher Pay Raises Can Prove So Tough to Win
Finding the revenue and navigating state politics can be daunting even when there’s agreement that teachers are underpaid and due a raise.

The Value of Failing: A New Research Center is Committed to Figuring Out How to Turn Failure into Success
The Atlantic
Every kid has that moment when she realizes that the adults she admires aren’t perfect. Few children ever learn, however, that the same is true for the inventors and intellectual giants whose distinguished portraits permeate their history textbooks.

Remembering Schoolhouse Rock’s Bob Dorough
Edmentum Blog
It is very likely that most kids in a classroom as early as the 1970s are familiar with the famous lyrics of Schoolhouse Rock! Through the power of music, former jazz musician and musical director Bob Dorough helped millions of kids remember facts and figures.

How States Stack Up on Federal Funding for Teachers, Low-Income Students
By now, you've probably heard about the major changes to the federal education budget approved by President Donald Trump. But how do these shifts impact your state? We decided to try to answer that question for two of the most significant federal K-12 programs at the U.S. Department of Education: Title I and Title II.

Revamped and Rigorous, Career and Technical Education is Ready to be Taken Seriously
The Hechinger Report
After decades of pushing bachelor's degrees, the U.S. needs more tradespeople. Read about how one New Hampshire school is preparing students in the face of a looming labor crisis by highlighting the value of career and technical education programs.

How a Shark Tank Competition Lets Students Create Their Dream Classrooms
If you could buy anything to make your classroom a better place, what would it be? That's a tempting enough prompt for teachers but it was actually the question that 3rd grade students at Grafflin Elementary School in Chappaqua, NY, recently got to answer.

Teachers at Online Charter School Negotiate Historic Contract
In April, hundreds of teachers in one of the nation’s largest online charter schools will vote to ratify their first union contract, which goes a long way to providing the digital environment that students need to learn.

Three Ways to Cultivate Gratitude at School
Greater Good Magazine
When fear and divisiveness cast a shadow over our schools, gratitude may help us see the good. Here are three gratitude practices you can share with students.

Design Thinking: Connecting Students to the Larger World
In recent years, hundreds of educators across the U.S., from kindergarten through college, have been inspired to upend their typical methods and dive into design thinking. Their classrooms work like Silicon Valley-style innovation labs with students asking questions and defining problems, and then brain-storming, prototyping, and testing solutions.