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[Weekly Inspiration] 3 Rules to Spark Learning

[Weekly Inspiration] 3 Rules to Spark Learning

As an educator, there’s no greater feeling then seeing your students engaged and excited about a lesson. Watching a student’s eyes light up with curiosity can make all the hard work you put in everyday worth it. But, how do you do this with every lesson? In this Ted Talk, chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam shares his three rules for sparking imagination and cultivating curiosity in the classroom.

Musallam shares 3 lessons that he keeps in mind when planning his lessons:

  1. Curiosity comes first: Questions can be great windows into instruction, but not the other way around.
  2. Embrace the mess: Trial and error can still be an informal part of what we do every day.
  3. Practice reflection: What we do is important. It deserves our care, but also our revision.

Learning is often a complicated and messy journey filled with trial and error, and endless questions. If we aren’t teaching students to treat learning like this, what are we accomplishing? If educators remove themselves from the role of just content-deliverers and take on the challenge of igniting the spark of learning in their students, the results can be amazing.

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