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[Weekly Inspiration] Celebrity Graduation Speeches Wow Class of 2018

[Weekly Inspiration] Celebrity Graduation Speeches Wow Class of 2018

Each spring, thousands of young adults graduate from high school and college. For some, graduation signifies the beginning of an amazing chapter in their lives – the future. While some may look at the future with fear, others will look forward with hope and determination.

Many colleges and universities often ask celebrities or other notable alumni to speak at their commencement ceremonies, and this year was no exception. Check out some of the inspiring words from 10 recent graduation speeches given by familiar musical artists, actors, and other familiar faces. Even if you’re not graduating this year, you can still take away a lot from these inspiring messages. Here are 4 of our favorite messages for the class of 2018:

David Muir:I want you to embrace the fear. It’s inevitable, and it’s a true sign of the excitement of the unknown, the challenge to come.”

Chance the Rapper: “Greatness can never be stagnant.”

Tim Cook: “I urge you to take the power you have been given and use it for good. Aspire to leave this world better than you found it.”

Michael Keaton: “I am Batman.”

Think back to your own high school or college graduation: what notable words of wisdom stuck with you?