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[Weekly Inspiration] Do NOT Go to the Principal’s Office

[Weekly Inspiration] Do NOT Go to the Principal’s Office

Many principals spend most of their day in the office, answering phone calls and emails, sitting in meetings, and making sure that their school is in tip-top shape. But there’s one principal in Cabot, Arkansas, you won’t find in her office. Two years after becoming principal at Central Elementary School, Bethany Hill did something radical: she got rid of her office. Now, she spends her days roaming her school and connecting with students and staff. Check out her awesome story below:

Since Hill has ditched her traditional office, her staff reports that she’s more available to them for questions and supports them in ways they had never imagined. Hill has challenged the stereotype that principals only visit classrooms when teachers are in trouble, and instead drops by to observe her staff in action. Hill said she feels happier and more effective at her job since choosing to give up her office.

How can you support your staff and co-workers on a daily basis? While it’s not always practical to give up your office, there are plenty of ways you can support your colleagues. Whether it’s paying a friendly visit to the classroom, letting someone know they are doing a good job, or just buying them a cup of coffee in appreciation of their hard work, there’s always something that can positively impact those around you.'s picture
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