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[Weekly Inspiration] Female Welding Teacher Inspires Students to go into Trade

[Weekly Inspiration] Female Welding Teacher Inspires Students to go into Trade

It’s almost Women’s History Month and a Female Tech Ed Teacher in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, is paving the way and inspiring her female students to enter the field. Maranda Degenhardt teaches welding to eighth graders at Chippewa Falls Middle School.

Her Tech Ed career started when she was in middle school and choose woodworking as an elective. She found her passion, continued to pursue tech ed throughout high school and college, and decided to represent females in the trade by becoming a tech ed teacher herself.

“Originally [her students] were like, you’re a girl, you know how to do this? I think it pushes the boys because they try to compete against me, but it’s funny because the girls are usually better,” said Degenhardt of her class atmosphere. “It’s really cool to see they’re taking these classes because of me.”

Degenhardt loves that she’s showing that women can do anything and that’s what’s really important. Students say they are inspired by their teacher representing a minority in the filed they’re learning about. Now her students are looking at careers they wouldn’t have normally considered.

Women make up about 5% of welders in the United States. Degenhardt is hoping to see those numbers increase.

Check out the full story, and learn more about what Degenhardt is doing in her classroom here.'s picture
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