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[Weekly Inspiration] Former Student Surprises 3rd Grade Teacher 40 Years Later

[Weekly Inspiration] Former Student Surprises 3rd Grade Teacher 40 Years Later

Cindy Davis of Provo, Utah wanted one thing for her birthday in 2017 – to thank her former 3rd grade teacher, Margarat Foote. "She really came at a pivotal time for me," Davis explained. "I was pretty alone and isolated. I feel like she really saved me in so many ways."

Check out the sweet video below to see the tearful reunion between the two.

Davis remembered she shared the same birthday week and wanted to do something special for the teacher that made a huge difference in her life at such a crucial time. When Davis entered Ms. Foote’s class back in 1978, she was brand-new to the school after her mother remarried. She had no friends and was struggling to fit in.  

"[Ms. Foote] was the reason I wanted to get up in the morning and go to school every day," Davis said.

Not only did Ms. Foote help Davis through a difficult time in her life, she’s also the reason Davis became a teacher, then a principal, and now a current educator of future teachers at Utah Valley University.

"One thing we can always do is try to be a bright spot for everyone we interact with,” said Davis. “That's what I experienced in Ms. Foote's class and that's what I wanted to try to create with my own students.”

You just never know the impact that you might have on a students’ life until much later! Read the full story on KSL News here!'s picture
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