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[Weekly Inspiration] Minnesota Robotics Team Changes This Toddler’s Life!

[Weekly Inspiration] Minnesota Robotics Team Changes This Toddler’s Life!

A high-school robotics team, the “Rogue Robotics Team” of Farmington Public Schools made national news with their recent and greatest creation yet. They received a call from a family with a 2-year-old, Cillian Jackson, that has a rare genetic condition which affects his mobility. The family asked if the robotics team would be up for the challenge of making a wheelchair for their son; a chair that would usually coast about $20,000, and something that their insurance wouldn’t cover.

After receiving help from the University of Delaware’s GoBabyGo program, the Rogue Robotics Team was able to give Cillian a wheelchair that would change his life and give him mobility. They were able to give the gift to his family before Christmas and are really grateful for the opportunity to create this for Cillian.

Watch the video of Cillian using his chair for the first time!

Do you have a robotics team at your school? If not, consider starting one! Not only are they a great opportunity for students to work as a team and learn together, but they could create something impactful just like the Rogue Robotics Team did!

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