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[Weekly Inspiration] One Teacher's Hilarious Story of Overcoming His Fears and Saving His Job

[Weekly Inspiration] One Teacher's Hilarious Story of Overcoming His Fears and Saving His Job

The first day on the job is rough. We’ve all been there – you don’t know what to wear, what to say, how to act. This is especially true for educators, who not only have to impress their colleagues, but also numerous young people who may consider them uncool by default. In the video below, high school English teacher Tim Manley shares a hilarious, honest, and relatable tale of his first days as a teacher.

“I was 22 when I started but looked like I was 15. The kids were 17 but looked like they were 35. They did not believe I could possibly be their English teacher.”

But his difficulties weren’t just with students. His principal, an intimidating presence for someone already so nervous, observed a number of his early lessons, which often caused Mr. Manley to lose confidence when standing in front of his class.

After a few months of bad impressions with his new principal, Mr. Manley learned that one of his friends from graduate school was interviewing for a job at his school – his job. Every teacher knew about it, and his edginess only grew.

But Tim loved his students and didn’t want to lose his job. When the school announced a teacher talent show, he saw an opportunity to change things. Without thinking, he immediately volunteered to do stand-up comedy, an old hobby from his youth that had helped his confidence in the past. When the day of the show came and Mr. Manley learned that his friend had accepted the job, he went for broke on stage in front of the entire school – principal included – and ended up saving his career.

Courage can come from the strangest of circumstances, and as we can learn from Tim Manley, sometimes the best thing that we can do is take a risk and push ourselves outside of our comfort zones.

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