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[Weekly Inspiration] Professor in Georgia Holds Student’s Baby in Class

[Weekly Inspiration] Professor in Georgia Holds Student’s Baby in Class

Anna Khadejah tweeted this powerful photo of her mother, Ramata Sissko Cisse, an assistant professor of biology for anatomy and physiology at Georgia Gwinnett College, teaching a class while holding a student’s baby on her back:

NPR shared Anna’s tweet in this article explaining the situation. When one of Ramata’s students couldn’t’ find a babysitter for her child during class, she brought her child with her. Ramata wanted to make sure her student got the most out of class and made sure she was able to focus on the meaning of the lecture.

To ensure the student could do this, Ramata offered to hold the child while she taught the three-hour class.

“I just wanted her to be a student, a normal young student in the class,” Cisse said. “I didn’t want her to think about the baby.”

Ramata graciously wrapped the child on her back with a lab coat and the baby slept the entire class while the lesson was being taught and the student was taking notes. She even fed the child while she was lecturing!

Ramata wants to make and impact on her students and make sure that they understand she is there for them and all teachers are there for their students. How can you let your students know that your support in unconditional? Thanks for inspiring us, Ramata!

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