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[Weekly Inspiration] Teacher Delivers Lesson Through A Glass Door

[Weekly Inspiration] Teacher Delivers Lesson Through A Glass Door

For many students, the transition to an at-home learning environment can be challenging. One student in Madison, South Dakota, was struggling with a division problem. After exchanging a few emails, her teacher opted for another method. He grabbed a white board and headed over to her house to do what he does best: teach.

"Rylee didn't expect me to show up," said Chris Waba, Rylee’s teacher. "I rang the doorball, and she said, "Mr. Waba!' I said, 'You stay inside. ... Let's walk through [these problems] together.'"

Mr. Waba went through the problems on his white board several feet back from the door. Rylee watched through her glass front door, taking notes and asking questions as he explained things. It wasn’t long before he saw the familiar smile of a student who was starting to understand his lesson. Later that day, she asked for a test so that she could prove her mastery.

When Rylee’s father posted a photo on Twitter, the story went viral. But for Mr. Waba, it was never about that. "You can kind of tell when kids are getting frustrated and getting ready to quit," he explained. "I just didn't want her to get to the point where she's going to shut down, because you never want that.”

Mr. Waba doesn’t think he’s special, either. "There are thousands and thousands of teachers who are doing the same thing every day," he said. "Teachers are givers and caregivers, and they care about people, and that's their nature. ... In this time that is new to all of us, you watch—there will be some great education taking place."

Well, what more can we say? Mr. Waba is right on the money. Check out the full story from Edweek here.