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[Weekly Inspiration] Top 10 Inspiring Educator Stories from ISTE 2018

[Weekly Inspiration] Top 10 Inspiring Educator Stories from ISTE 2018

As an educator, it can be easy to get caught up in the nuances of teaching. Between trying to meet the needs of your entire classroom, administrative meetings, and the general ups and downs of life, it can be really simple to forget why you fell in love with teaching in the first place.

We attended ISTE 2018 in Chicago this past week and talked to a LOT of educators. A few of our team members asked teachers one simple question: “What’s your why?” Our team members captured a lot of incredible footage from the conference and shared the videos on our Twitter page. We gathered 10 of our favorite “My Why” for you here, representing anecdotes from educators all around the country!

“I want kids to be productive members of society”

“I want kids like me to have the support I didn’t have”

“I love the ‘aha!’ moments”

“I truly feel in my heart that every child can learn”

“When I see that spark of interest in their eyes, it’s my reward”

“Students are our greatest resource”

“I want kids to have a life-long love of learning”

“I want kids to see the magic of technology in their everyday lives”

“I want to make sure students succeed”

“I want to help the ‘forgotten’ child that doesn’t like school”

At the end of the day, educators experience ups and downs in their career like many others. It’s important to reminded of the reason why you love teaching now and again. Share your “My Why” story with us on Twitter! Be sure to tag us (@edmentum) and use the #EducatorFirst hashtag!'s picture
Brita Hammer

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