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[Weekly Inspiration] Why Lunch Ladies Are Heroes

[Weekly Inspiration] Why Lunch Ladies Are Heroes

One of the most underappreciated and important roles in the school is the cafeteria staff. Children's author Jarrett Krosoczka shares the origins of his Lunch Lady graphic novel series, in which undercover school heroes serve lunch...and justice! His project, School Lunch Hero Day, aims to highlight how cafeteria staff provide more than just food, and illustrate how powerful a ‘thank you’ can be. In his TED Talk, Jarrett Krosoczka talks about a lunch lady that was a positive influence and the inspiration for his Lunch Lady graphic novel series: Ms. Jeannie.

After the success of his Lunch Lady series, Krosoczka was inspired to partner with the School Nutrition Association to celebrate School Lunch Hero Day, a national celebration in honor of the hard-working individuals who prepare healthy meals to students every day. This year School Lunch Hero Day will be celebrated on Friday, May 4. Find out more about School Lunch Hero Day and ways you can your class can celebrate by visiting the School Lunch Hero Day here!

How can your students show appreciation for the cafeteria staff in your school? You don’t need to wait until May 4 to show your appreciation for the hard work they contribute to your school every single day – a simple thank you can go a long way.'s picture
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