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[Weekly Inspiration] Young Sisters in Delaware Read Bedtime Stories for Children Online

[Weekly Inspiration] Young Sisters in Delaware Read Bedtime Stories for Children Online

13-year-old Zaria Willard and her 8-year-old sister, Hailey Willard have begun recording bedtime stories using Facebook Live every night around 8 pm.  They recognized that not everyone has the opportunity to have a parent read to them every night like their mom does and they wanted to make a difference, inspiring other children to love books and words just like them.

Every Sunday, Zaria and Hailey go to their local library and pick out books for the week. They take turns reading to their online audience, which has grown to about 10,000 followers, since February. They encourage their audience to interact with them and comment while they are recording. To be safe, their mother, Victoria looks at all of the comments before they respond to any.

“We hope by reading to kids online, it will encourage them to read more,” Zaria said.

Zaria and Hailey hope to create their own books one day. How inspirational are they? Read more about their bed time stories in The 74 Million article about them.

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