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What’s New? Calvert Learning Back-to-School 2022-23 Enhancements

What’s New? Calvert Learning Back-to-School 2022-23 Enhancements

Every school year, we strive to continue making our programs for you and your specific needs. This summer’s thoughtful improvements are no exception for our K–5 digital curriculum program, Calvert Learning.

To support a stronger start to your 2022–23 academic year, we have focused on two specific areas that we can’t wait to tell you about:

  1. Supporting academic recovery with improvements to pacing flexibility and increased visibility for essential educator partners
  2. Reducing administrative burden and building teacher capacity through reporting improvements, unit resequencing, and integration options

Academic Recovery

Adjust Pacing: Bulk Retakes and Omits

Ensuring that teachers have the right tools to adjust their students’ pacing in a course is one of our top priorities. We have been hard at work on making our pacing tools even better, and this summer, we are excited to release several new options for teachers.

We have made it easier for you to adjust pacing for your learners when performing other actions that might be necessary, like granting retakes or omitting lessons. Sometimes, students need to retake several lessons after breezing too quickly through the material. Other times, students join your class midyear, and you need to help them keep pace with the rest of the class.

The adjust pacing tool represents an important evolution of the previously launched skip lesson feature. Adjust pacing allows teachers to drill into a specific student’s course experience, looking at all components of a course in sequence.

Using adjust pacing, teachers can move students backward in the course, with options for granting retakes, as well as forward, with options for omitting lessons. In both cases, teachers can make the right choice for each student’s unique path through a course.

Support Educator Role

IEP/Section 504 coordinators, special education teachers, district-assigned tutors and counselors, and many educators play a major role in students learning. In our summer release, we have a new way of providing crucial visibility into student progress with a revamped user interface for educators and Learning Guides alike.

This new system role is called Support Educator, and it is designed specifically to grant student course visibility for essential school personnel. Support Educators will be granted similar permissions as Learning Guides, with the ability to view curriculum and progress, run reports, and add attendance time, therefore playing a more active role as critical stakeholders and collaborators armed with curriculum insights to empower student success.

Also, we have updated our Learning Guide interface experience—which Support Educators also will use—to make it easier to find and access the intended student course view. For short lists of students, we have preserved the tile selection screen for quick, one-click access and expanded the student information in each tile to include last names.

For long lists of students, educators have the option of toggling between the tile view and a new list view. Once in list view, Support Educators with large student rosters will have a much easier time finding and accessing the student course view they are seeking.

Improvements to Reduce Burden and Build Capacity

Grading Period Reporting

We are providing educators with the flexibility to add specific course breakpoints aligned to unique grading periods, both to help segment course curriculum and to enable easier reporting for those specified time periods.

Curriculum administrators are now able to adjust the grading periods that are displayed, selecting between a full year, semester, trimester, or quarter structure and adding accompanying date ranges for each chosen period. Edmentum’s Calvert Learning provides the default breakpoints for each period, but a designated curriculum administrator can modify the placement of those breakpoints using limited, special permissions. After grading period type and date selections are made, educators can see the new grading periods by viewing the course components and leveraging via two critical reports, the Performance and Progress Summary report and the Target Percent Complete report.

Course Unit Resequencing

We’re providing administrators with the flexibility to easily control unit sequencing within a given course based on specific program, school, or district scope and sequence needs.

Designated Curriculum Administrators can drag and drop course units to resequence courses during their institution’s school year planning period. With unit resequencing, the institution can ensure that the student experience aligns to district pacing and reporting needs without extensive manual effort to omit or skip lessons right from the start.

It’s important to note that any unit reordering must be complete before the school year starts. Once students are in the course completing lessons, the unit sequence will lock, and educators will need to make use of tools like adjust pacing to change how students engage with the curriculum.

Google and Microsoft SSO

This summer, we are releasing single sign-on (SSO) access into Genius SIS for districts using Google and Microsoft SSO. This will be available to all Calvert Learning customers, including institutions using EdOptions Academy services.

We have heard loud and clear from schools that SSO is a much sought-after feature for the security and ease-of-use of teachers and students, and we are thrilled to make it available this summer for the 2022–23 school year.

For more information about setting up SSO in Genius through Google or Microsoft, please contact your services partner.

That’s a wrap on what’s new, which is sure to make your 2022–23 Calvert Learning experience stronger than ever before. Want to learn more about everything you can expect across Edmentum programs? Visit our entire video playlist.

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