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Why Educators Love Study Island

Why Educators Love Study Island

There’s lots to love about Study Island! Including offering customizable practice to support formative assessment strategies and ensuring success on state tests with standards-based preparation, Study Island has educators covered every step of the way. By hitting all of the key features that educators look for in a quality and trustworthy online learning solution, Study Island has become a classroom staple and an indispensable tool over the years. Recently, we asked educators to tell us about their favorite part of Study Island, and we’ve rounded up some of their answers to share!

Study Island aligns with their state’s standards and prepares students for high-stakes testing.

“Study Island is an awesome tool for students to practice skills being taught in class and to view questions that are so similarly aligned with MAP testing. This helps students to feel more confident in their skills.”

Candace Schenk, Minnie Cline Elementary


“I have used Study Island for over a decade now. What I love about Study Island is that not only are the questions well-built and aligned with our standards, but I also love that there are lessons that go along with the practice questions.”

Megan Cabe, Limestone Technology Academy


“I love having easy and attainable access to material that is directly tied to state standards (not just Common Core) and so much more.”

Anna Brawner, Lavonia Elementary


“I love the fact that Study Island provides specific Kentucky standards-based content for easily assigning material to students.”

Sandra Stapleton, Duff-Allen Central Elementary


Study Island provides incentives in the classroom with Blue Ribbons, Group Sessions, and immediate feedback.

“Students love the Group Sessions, and they also are motivated by the ability to track their achievements by gathering Blue Ribbons. The extra incentive of prizes also keeps them excited and motivated to work on their Study Island assignments.”

Bonnie Garrison, Math and Science Success Academy


“They absolutely love the races we do during our Group Sessions. If it’s teacher-led or on your own, they really try hard to be in the top 10 and win a prize.”

Kaytlin Fultz, Preston Elementary


“My students love the Group Sessions. I use those as a review before our unit test, and we have competitions within the classroom for prizes like candy and reward tickets. Using this in concert with the big contests encourages them to do the practice assignments so that they know the answers quickly in the Group Sessions.”

Randy McCoy, West Wilkes Middle School


“My students love that getting a Blue Ribbon on a Study Island lesson means that they get five minutes of free time in class, or they might say that they love the game mode version of Study Island. Study Island motivates my students without them even realizing it, so thank you!”

Seigar Davis, Allatoona Elementary School


Planning targeted instruction is a breeze with easily assigned practice and robust reporting features.

“I love that I am able to create assignments that target the standards that I am teaching in class. The assignments are very easy to create and manage. Study Island has been a huge part of my math curriculum and resources during this past year. I can always rely on Study Island lessons to engage students in meaningful, higher-order questions that will challenge them to expand their understanding.”

Renata Cox, Greysbranch Elementary


“I love that Study Island allows me to make informed decisions based on formal and summative assessments. It allows teachers to target specific areas of needs and close gaps to ensure success for all students.”

Kellie Cash, Clarkesville Elementary


“I love the item analysis piece of Study Island. It allows me to drill down to the specific skills that students are strong or weak in and drive instruction from that point forward.”

Tarra Southrey, MaST III Community Charter School


“I love how, as a teacher, you can look at data and get a clear snapshot of learning gaps that have occurred due to the pandemic.”

Nicole Kuiper, Columbia Elementary


Students have FUN when they learn with Study Island!

“I love how it connects us, motivates us, and still prepares us for state testing. The kids are learning but having so much fun!”

Jacqueline Stanton, Eisenhower Intermediate


“My students and I love the fun and engaging content Study Island provides. We love the change of pace from mundane tasks and find this site more exciting than others. We especially love the safety of the website, as we have had to steer away from many "fun learning sites" due to the uncensored ads and low security. Not having to worry about our safety makes this website all the more fun. The students are always excited to play games and engage in fun activities; there is truly nothing better than witnessing children enjoy their learning.”

Elizabeth Mackey, Walt Whitman Elementary School


Interested in hearing more about the features of Study Island that educators love to use in their classrooms? Check out our blog post, Six Study Island Features That Educators Can't Live Without. If you don’t currently have Study Island but want to experience what some of these educators have shared, sign up for a free trial today!

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